Man Preventing Access To La Cuvette Beach: Authorities Take Action

A bungalow-owner at La Cuvette has put up a notice to forbid the public from access. He also set up a barrier with a rope to further discourage passers-by. When a man informed of the case to the radio show Xplik ou K, the authorities immediately took action for it is forbidden to forbid the beach to anyone.


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Upon learning of this incident, the Ministry of Housing & Lands decided to send a notice to the owners of the bungalow. The Beach Authority had initially sent an officer to verify the statements of the man who revealed the issue on the radio show. Pictures were then sent to the ministry.

Most of the lands situated along the coast belong to the State, that is, they are public. Therefore, any bungalow-owner or hotel management that forbids access to the beach to the public is trespassing the law; no beach in Mauritius is considered to be private by the authorities.


  • This is not the first person who has done . My sisters neighbour in La Gaulette wii not allow access to anyone at the end of a small lane where is house is. Therefore no one can aces the sea

    • sorry the comment went before I had finished typing.
      The man concerned turns people away and gets very abusive. Perhaps I would advise the authorities.

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