Man Sets Fire To Police Vehicle In Khoyratty, Near Terre-Rouge

A 37-year-old man set fire to a police car yesterday, August 9, at Khoyratty, a village situated near Terre-Rouge. The incident took place in the afternoon when the police was called by the family of the man.

vehicle in khoyratty
The vehicle was subject to great damage. Photo credits: Waren Marie.

According to, when the young man was setting fire to his personal belongings outside of his house, destroying everything in its wake, his family feared lest they themselves got hurt and thus called the police of Terre-Rouge.

A police sergeant together with three constables went to the address given by the family to call for order. However, the man in question attempted to resist the authorities and attacked the four police officers with a trident; the policemen were thus lightly injured.

The officers had then stepped out of their vehicle to call for backup. Other policemen were summoned on the spot. Meanwhile, the suspect was growing more and more violent. He broke the windshield of the police vehicle before setting it on fire. The vehicle was severely damaged. Firemen had had to be called.

The suspect was eventually arrested and kept in detention.

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