MCB ATM Fraud: Chinese Men Participate In Reconstruction Exercise

The three Chinese men suspected of having attempted to steal the confidential information of MCB clients participated in a crime scene reconstruction exercise today at the Head Office of the Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB) at Port-Louis today, August 11.

MCB Fraud Screenshot from a video depicting the Chinese men at the reconstruction session with the police.

Hu Xiao Mao, Liu Xiao Yong, Zhang Guiping and Luu Yiao Yong, who were arrested for fraud attempts, explained to the investigators of the case how they tried to rob from MCB clients by manipulating ATMs.

The Chinese men are suspected to have placed suspicious machines – skimming devices – at MCB ATMs. The latter were caught on security cameras on 2 ATMs in Port-Louis.

MCB cards_fraud

On top of the exercise at the Head Office of the MCB, the suspects were also brought to a Barclays Bank branch in the capital. The police suspect they might have been involved in other attempts to steal from people via ATMs.

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