MH370 Debris Cannot Wash Up In Both Reunion Island & The Maldives

What is the origin of the pieces of debris that have been allegedly found in the Maldives? Could they be from the MH370 Malaysian flight? According to a new report, they might just have come from a barge that had capsized months ago, in February. Experts believe it is impossible for the debris to have travelled both southward and northward of the equator.


Barge captain, Abdulla Rasheed, said in a statement to the news website Haveeru that the debris might belong to the cargo they were carrying earlier this year.

“From the pictures of the debris found on most of the islands, I can almost certainly say that they are from the cargo we were carrying,” he said.

The vessel had a load of 4,000 units of wall panels and other materials which were being shipped to a new resort in Raa Atoll. However, the barge had capsized on February 10.

Furthermore, experts have explained that MH370 debris could not have washed up in the Maldives if its flaperon has been found on Reunion Island.

Coastal oceanography expert, Professor Charitha Pattiaratchi, from the University of Western Australia, said that the debris could not have washed up on either side of the equator.

“If the debris originated from where we’re talking about in the southern hemisphere, none of it actually goes northwards,” Prof Pattiaratchi said.
“It can’t cross the hemispheres because of the wind and the current patterns.”

As per the explanations of Pattiaratchi, it would be extremely difficult to reconcile between the two claims of having debris on Reunion Island and in the Maldives.

“It would be a big conundrum to see stuff in Reunion as well as Maldives. It could not have originated from MH370 in both cases,” Prof Pattiaratchi said.

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  • Captain Rasheed is almost certainly correct. The honeycomb construction, which confused people into thinking the debris was from an aircraft, is also used for wall panels, to make them lighter, stronger and better sound-proofed – it would also help them float.

    The mystery of the aircraft seen flying low over the Maldives on the morning that MH370 disappeared can also be explained by something that happened a few months earlier. In late August 2014, a large unidentified aircraft flew over the Maldives twice. According to the Maldives Civil Aviation Authority, it was a US Air Force aircraft from Diego Garcia (see the report in Minivan News, 31 Aug). So it’s much more likely that on 8 March 2014 people saw another unauthorised American aircraft from DG violating Maldivian airspace, rather than MH370 flying towards the Chagos.

    The conspiracy theories about the Americans spiriting MH370 away to the Chagos are just fantasies. After all, why would the Americans want another Boeing 777? They have plenty of their own! And you can bet the Chinese have their satellites looking very closely at Diego Garcia 24/7 – nothing can land or leave there without the other superpowers knowing about it.

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