MH370 Search: Malaysian Brand Plastic Bottles Found in Rodrigues & Mauritius

Two plastic bottles, one of Malaysian brand Cactus and the other with Eryz written on it, have been found at Rodrigues. The question on the lips of everyone: do these belong to the MH370 flight?

plastic bottle MH370
Two other bottles which are products of Malaysia, shown above, were found earlier in Reunion Island. Photo via Mail Online.

Two bottles are claimed to have been found at Rodrigues yesterday, August 12. They were picked up by officers of the National Coast Guard during a patrol in the East of the island, near Anse-Bouteille and Trou d’Argent. They are currently being kept by the police; they will soon be sent to Mauritius.

More patrols were scheduled for today to look into the matter.

Yet another bottle of the brand Cactus has been found in Mauritius at Gris-Gris by a man who was jogging there, Sebastien Chenney. The latter said in a statement to l’ that he wanted to try his luck at looking among the waste of people and what is washed up from the ocean – that was how he came across the plastic bottle on which was written “Cactus, Air Mineral Water, Product of Malaysia”.


  • Is it likely that plastic bottles that had been in the sea for 16 months would still have their wrappers on them and remain in such good condition?

    Mauritius is next to one of the busiest sea lanes in the world. Hundreds, if not thousands, of cargo ships, fishing boats and yachts that have called into Malaysia and whose crew have picked up bottles of water pass Mauritius every year.

    Nothing should be ignored, but we have to be realistic. The chance of genuine MH370 debris washing up in Mauritius is very small; the chance of unrelated debris arriving is extremely high.

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