Missing MH 370 Aircraft: Mauritius Will Participate In The Search For Debris

Mauritius will participate in the search for debris of the MH 370 aircraft.

xavier; MH 370

Xavier Duval announcing the news during the press conference. Photo credits: l’Express.mu

A piece of debris found off the coast of Reunion Island has captured the attention of the world. Experts are positive that it might actually be what search operations were after since last year when the MH 370 plane disappeared: a piece of the Boeing 777’s wing. If that is truly the case, other pieces of the plane might be waiting to be found in this part of the Indian Ocean.

The Acting PM of Mauritius, Xavier-Luc Duval, has, therefore, called out to the neighbouring islands to assist in the search programs. Mauritian authorities will also play a role in this quest, as announced by Xavier Duval during a press conference today, August 3.

As per Xavier Duval’s statements, naval and aviation assets will be deployed to help in the search for debris. The ship called Retriever has, thus, left the port today morning. In case more debris are found, the Barracuda will then be sent out at sea. Fishermen and other operators have also been called out to be vigilant.

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