Shocking Video: MSAW Extreme Cruelty Toward Dogs At Forest Side SSS

The peaceful country of Mauritius is again shocked after an amateur video showing extreme cruelty toward a dog at the Forest Side SSS has gone viral on social network Facebook since yesterday. According to media reports, dozens of students who saw the cruel act are traumatized due to the extreme violence and shameful act of the employees of the MSAW.

msaw dog cruelty mauritius

According to witnesses at the college, employees of the MSAW (ironically supposed to be an organization for the welfare of animals in Mauritius), were seen beating a dog to death as well as several of her little puppies. The video below shows a bleeding dog injured after being beaten by an iron rod and according to the students at the college, one of the employees of the MSAW even dragged the dog by its nipples all the way down the stairs.

As at the time of this post, the MSAW had not yet released any public statement following this butcher stunt.

MSAW Extreme Cruelty at Forest Side SSS Mauritius

Butcher stunt & Extreme cruelty by employees of the MSAW at Forest Side SSS recorded on video by students. Share this and express your concern on the MSAW FB page. This cruelty need to stop.

Posted by ISLAND CRISIS NETWORK on Wednesday, August 12, 2015


  • For these officer, strict law should be taken. DOG ARE DOG…THEY DONT HAVE MIND TO THINK LIKE HUMAN BEING THAT WHY THEY KEEP WANDER EVERYWHERE…so according to me this matter could have be dealt very systematic.very very unfair….

  • I could not watch the video..I don’t have u to. I
    Have personally followed the MSAW staff when they are rounding and catching the dogs. I felt ashamed to be a Mauritian . Congratulations to our young people who took the video. People who work with animal should be compassionate and like animals. But instead the wrong people are doing the job. The people responsible should be severely punished. And that would go for dogs owners who ill treat their pets

  • The people who did this should be made to undergo the same treatment.

    MSAW should be required to put all its people through a rigorous animal welfare training course or face being closed down .

    This sort of behaviour really brings shame on Mauritius

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