NTA Suspends Bus Conductors & Drivers For Mistreating The Elderly

The National Transport Authority has a mission: protect the elderly from the abuse of bus conductors and drivers. It has thus suspended a total of 12 bus conductors and drivers since January for this very reason.

old people at bus stop

It is no secret to anyone that old people who benefit from free public transport are sometimes ill-treated by bus conductors and drivers. Anyone usually travelling in public buses must have witnessed such a scene at least once where the elderly is made fun of, or when the bus conductors and drivers are rude to them. One such passenger, 61-year-old Marie, complained of inconsiderate treatment from the workers of a bus on the show of Radio PlusXplik ou K” last week. Her plaint was responded by Cyril Appalaja, the Traffic Controller of the NTA.

Appalaja was exasperated to hear of the behaviour of some of the conductors and drivers out there. He told Marie to file a complaint at the NTA and inform them of the registration number of the bus. He promised severe sanction for those proven guilty. But, first, an investigation will be carried out, and the accused will appear in front of the board of the NTA.

According to DefiMedia.info, if the one accused is found guilty, his licence will be suspended for 2, or 4, or even 6 months. They have already been at work since the beginning of the year. From January till now, 7 bus conductors and 5 drivers have been found guilty of mistreating the elderly – they were thus suspended.


  • Sadly, abuse of the elderly in Mauritius is not confined to bus drivers and conductors. It seems that increasing numbers of older men and women – often people who have come through hard times and struggled to support their children so they could have a better life – are being abused and neglected, even beaten, by their children and grandchildren. A widow I know has been made a prisoner in her own home by her daughter and grand-daughter, who beat her and swear at her and steal her pension. The same was true of another elderly lady in her 80s, who had a stroke after being severely abused. The stroke left her blind, bedridden and hardly able to talk. She was a woman of considerable intelligence and courage, but was treated without any respect or kindness by nurses at the hospital and frequently left without care in the most horrible conditions.

    Why do people behave this way? Does a little kindness and compassion cost so much? What pleasure do they get out of sneering and swearing at older people? Can’t they think that one day they too will be old and need someone’s help? These bus drivers and conductors will have their reward when they reach their 60s and 70s, because they have taught the young how to behave badly towards the elderly. What goes around, comes around!

    These are signs of a sickness in society. Is this inevitable when a country becomes richer?

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