Plastic Bag Ban: 9 Categories Exempted From The Regulation

Plastic bags will be banned as from next year. However, as with most rules, there are exceptions. The Minister of Environment has announced that 9 categories of plastic bags will not be forbidden.

banning plastic bags in Rodrigues

According to the regulations published in the Government Gazette of Mauritius, signed by the Minister of Environment, Raj Dayal, “plastic” is defined as a “petroleum-based material” with “plant-derived products”.

The types of plastic bags falling under the exemption include the “roll-on bags” used to wrap meat, chicken, and other refrigerated and frozen foods, as well as bags used for waste materials.

Furthermore, bags that have been produced for agricultural purposes, those needed for the analysis of samples, together with bags that are part of wrappings of products and goods that are sealed before being sent on the market or for export, are included.

Another type of bags that has been defined as exception entails transparent ones not larger than 300 cm2.

Also, the transparent bags that enclose sanitary pads or those used to hold liquids, aerosols or gels for people travelling abroad feature on the list as well.

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