Plastic Bags Replaced By Potato-Based Ones!

Plastic bags will soon be replaced by biodegradable, eco-friendly potato-based ones. The Minister of Environment, Raj Dayal, announced today, August 4, during a press conference, that new bags made from potatoes will be used as a green alternative.

banning plastic bags in Rodrigues

Plastic bags will be banned completely as from January 2016. Therefore, the authorities are to introduce alternatives.

The suggested potato-based bags are recyclable and cheaper. Another substitute to plastic bags includes “vacoa” bags made from screwpine.

Raj Dayal explained that an official regulation will be communicated to the public in the near future. The authorities also wish to launch sensitisation campaigns to discourage the use of plastic bags.

Now, what about those who depend on the manufacture of plastic bags? The minister reassured the public that no one would lose his job. He has promised that measures will be taken so that the transition is done as smoothly as possible.

The manufacturers of the new bags will be able to insert the logo of their companies on the product. They will first have to register at the ministry though.

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  • Will Oxo-biodegradable bags be allowed ?
    These cost only 10 % more than normal plastic bags and far cheaper than potato based bags.
    Oxo-biodegradable bags can be produced on existing equipment.

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