Registration of New Students At The UoM Is Decreasing

The University of Mauritius (UoM) normally has the greatest intake of first-year students of all tertiary educational institutions in Mauritius. However, the number of registrations of new students has decreased spectacularly over time. According to l’, this might be the result of the decreased quality of some of the courses.


Is the UoM not meeting the standards of high-level education? L’ reports from a student of the institution that the reading list provided is incomparable to those proposed by foreign universities. Furthermore, it appears that critical thinking in not encouraged

What about the quality of intake? L’ further mentions how certain criteria were toned down to accommodate for the ex-government’s promise to have “a graduate in every household”. As a consequence, UoM recruited more and more students.

Furthermore, UoM students are said to have become used to spoon-feeding.

On the other hand, as reported by l’, the management of the university denies the allegations, asserting that the quality of education is not an issue. Rather, they insist that the level of education has improved to a large extent. They also argue that a strict follow-up is done by External Examiners on a regular basis. Furthermore, the criteria for registration to certain courses like law, engineering and medical science have not changed: the students must have 3 As in the main subjects taken at HSC examinations.

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