SAJ Returns To Mauritius After 3 Weeks of Holidays

Having spent three weeks in the UK for a private visit, the Prime Minister, Sir Anerood Jugnauth (SAJ), is finally back. He arrived at 11h57 yesterday, August 6.

SAJ return to Mtius
SAJ landing in Mauritius. Photo credits:

Upon arrival on the island, SAJ met up with Xavier-Luc Duval who was shouldering the responsibility of the government in the absence of the PM. SAJ also discussed with the Commissioner of Police, Mario Nobin, concerning urgent cases.

Thereafter, the PM went to his house at La Caverne, Vacoas, without going to his office.

Today, he will address the cabinet. The priority now is to re-boost the economy and create employment.

SAJ will also give a speech to the Mauritian population later this month to reveal his vision for the economy of the country for the upcoming years.

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