Sharks Seen In Lagoons of Mauritius!

Sharks have been seen in lagoons situated in the south of Mauritius. The National Coast Guard is thus patrolling the seas where sightings of sharks have been made. The police says that there is nothing to worry about since the sharks are small in size, as reported by

shark in Mtius 2

A 3-metre long tiger shark, a species of requiem shark, was found at Mahebourg during the week-end. On Saturday, August 8, the shark was caught in a fishing net – it had not survived.

The incident brought many onlookers to the spot.

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The people decided to cut open the shark to consume it. It was then found out that it was a female who had been pregnant: the people discovered 25 of her babies in her belly, all of which were alive. They were then put back into the water one by one.

While the inhabitants who had been attracted to the scene might have been excited at such a sight, the baby sharks are said to have been scared and disoriented. Hopefully, they will make it to their home safe.

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