Statistics Mauritius: Rates of Birth & Marriage Decreasing

The latest report of Statistics Mauritius shows that the rates of birth and marriage have decreased considerably in Mauritius since last year.


Statistics Mauritius reveals that people are getting married less and less. From January to June 2015, only 4,320 married couples have been registered, compared to 4,709 last year. As fewer marriages are happening, the effects seem to extend onto birth rate: for the same time period, 6,736 births were recorded as opposed to 6,955 last year.

On the other hand, the population has increased in number: on July 1st, we had 1,220,663 people in Mauritius and 41,942 in Rodrigues, marking an increase of 1,671 individuals.

A good news is that the still-birth rate is decreasing: 73 such cases were recorded in the first trimester of this year compared to 85 in 2014. Infantile death has also undergone a similar trend, from 104 last year to 90 this year.

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