Sweets Sold In Schools: Ministry Officers Investigate

Sweets are not allowed to be sold on the premises of schools. But, it seems that some have decided to go against the rule. Officers from the Ministry of Health have thus been despatched to several schools today, August 18, after they were informed that sweets of a certain brand were being put up on sale.


According to l’Express.mu, the officers of the ministry will carry out an investigation to determine how the sweets have been introduced in the schools in question.

The director of the Public Health and Food Safety of the ministry, Rajkumar Seebaluck, said in a statement to l’Express.mu that he gave the green light for the inspections to be performed. He also instructed the officers to seize any of the forbidden goods and to issue fines wherever necessary.

The sweets are claimed to be imported goods; the brand is not made in Mauritius.

The inspections will continue tomorrow, August 19.

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