Beware: The next world war will be in space

Man is reputed for his ambitions to take over lands, and even space. He can sometimes become so overpowered by his desires that he gets ready to wage war to have what he wants. This is what some experts claim to fear pertaining to man reaching out for space: they believe that as countries are increasingly relying on satellites, they may become aggressive and launch offensives.


More than a thousand active satellites are out there, crowded together, for a range of purposes, such as to provide communication, GPS navigation, weather forecasting, amongst others. Experts fear that this could cause the West and Russia and China to oppose each other in outer space.

Imagine a world where the superpowers entered into conflicts over space resources. This would also lead to global wars on Earth itself. Could the competition that is growing among the countries indulged in space exploration reach a point where the countries challenge each other?

The US director of national intelligence, James Clapper, has expressed his concern on the issue. He stated that Russia and China might have the potential to take down American satellites. He also said that China showed the “need to interfere with, damage, and destroy” satellites from the US, when they did anti-satellite missile tests that started back in 2007. Has he interpreted the actions of other countries correctly, or is this competition that is causing confusion?

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