Trigana Crashed Airplane: Debris Found In Papua

The search teams despatched to look for the Trigana Air Service airliner that went missing on Sunday, August 16, claim to have found debris in Papua.

Trigana plane
A Trigana Air Service turboprop, similar to the crashed one. Photo credits: EPA/BAGUS INDAHONO.

The wreckage was discovered by a search plane today. However, a ground team was unable to reach it, according to Raymond Konstantin, an official of Indonesia’s search and rescue agency. It was reported earlier that villagers in a province in east Papua had seen the plane crash into a mountain.

A second search plane was sent to verify the debris early today. The landscape where the search was focused on is quite dangerous to deal with – hence why the search operations were halted yesterday, specially because of adverse weather conditions.

54 people were onboard the aircraft: 44 adult passengers, 5 children, as well as 5 crew members, all of whom were Indonesian. This marks the third disaster in that region of the world in less than a year.

The destination of the flight was the town of Oksibil from where the ground team set out to confirm the debris.

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