Video Featuring Mistreated Dog: MSAW Inspector Says It Is Fake

The Mauritius Society for Animal Welfare (MSAW) was growing more and more notorious since some of its activities were described as being barbaric. Now that yet another video allegedly depicting its employees ill-treating a stray dog on the premises of Forest-Side SSS, it is being called out more than ever. The students of the college affirm that the dog was indeed mistreated. However, the MSAW has another version.


An inspector from the MSAW, M. Cassan, asserts that the news being propagated is fake. He affirms that the methods the employees adhere to are in line with the norm.

M. Cassan explains that the presence of the animal in the school posed a risk to the students, and that if ever a student was bitten, the MSAW would have been held responsible.

On the other hand, it is claimed that the Minister of Agro-Industry, Mahen Seeruttun, had instructed for the capture of stray dogs to stop; this decision was made after a video featuring animals being ill-treated by the MSAW was released in June.

M. Cassan still insists that the video that was uploaded online is fake, arguing that it cannot be proven that the dog was indeed injured since it was a stray and noone was taking care of it.

According to l’ though, a student from the school stated that the dog was perfectly in good health in the morning before the MSAW came to capture it. As per her claims, she had later witnessed the animal being hit with a stick by a man from the MSAW.

The Ministry of Agro-Industry has opened an investigation to shed light on the issue.


  • So the video was fake? How does M Cassan explain the injuries on the dog? Are they fake too?

    How can a young schoolgirl create a fake video like that so quickly and efficiently? Is it likely? Why would anyone fake the video?

    There were dozens of witnesses to what went on, so, if M Cassan is correct, those schoolchildren will be able to confirm that the video was fake and that the dog was uninjured.

    Perhaps MSAW can demonstrate its practices so we can see whether they are “in line with the norm” (whose norm, by the way?). Maybe an a respected animal welfare organisation, such as the UK’s Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), can adjudicate.

    No one denies that in this case there was a need to remove the dog. No one with sense should deny that, sadly, sometimes it is also necessary to destroy animals – strays, the diseased or the vicious. for example. But removal and/or destruction should be carried out humanely. The children should have been away from the area while this was done. If the video is genuine – and personally I believe it is – the MSAW operatives have not been properly trained and don’t know how to handle animals. They should have been aware that any mother with young will defend those young with all her force, so special precautions need to be taken,

    I shall be in Mauritius in a few weeks time and will be very happy to debate these issues with M Cassan. The ball is in your court, sir.

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