Video Posted on Facebook: A Man Threatens To Disfigure A Teenage Girl

Yet another video posted on Facebook has provoked emotional reactions from Mauritians. The video depicts a man in a car with a girl who might be his girlfriend, where he was insulting the latter and went so far as threatening to disfigure her.

rape case

As the video gained many views, the police was informed of the incident. Investigators are looking into the matter. But, no official complaint has been made.

The 6-minute video shows a teenage girl trying to hide her face while a man was insulting her and uttering threats to cut her hair and disfigure her. He was also insisting for the girl to show her face, though the latter wanted to leave the vehicle.

The person who recorded the video might be prosecuted under the Information and Communication Technologies Act for having posted such a video on social media; he might face 5-year imprisonment.

The man who was talking to the girl can possibly have to answer to charges of sequestration (punished with a 10-year imprisonment) and aggression under the penal code. For the swear words and threats, the law dictates one-year imprisonment.

If, however, the whole scene was staged, the people featuring in the video might be prosecuted for complicity in committing malicious acts.

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