8.3-Magnitude Earthquake Hitting Chile Triggers Tsunami Warning

A major earthquake of magnitude 8.3 hit Chile on Wednesday night, killing five people. Inhabitants have been evacuated since. The tremor was felt throughout South America.

chile earthquakePeople evacuating their houses in Valparaiso, situated somewhat near the epicenter. Photo credits: Raul Zamora/ EPA.

When the earthquake hit the country, buildings in the capital of Santiago shook with the tremor. Several aftershocks were then felt, one of magnitude 7. Furthermore, people from the other side of the continent, like in Argentina, felt the tremors.

The calamity also resulted in small tsunami waves in many coastal towns. The authorities had to issue a tsunami warning for the Pacific coast. The first tsunami was felt in the coastal city of Tongoy around half an hour after the quake. Even countries as far away as New Zealand, Japan and Russia have issued warnings and alerts.

Five people were killed in the aftermath, and one is reported to be missing. One million have evacuated their homes since the earthquake. Around 20 people have been reported to be injured.

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