Asbestos In Drinking Water In St-Pierre?

An inhabitant of Petit-Verge, St-Pierre, has allegedly spotted particles of asbestos in water works. How did they get there, and should the public be alarmed?

Asbestos warning sign reports that a man residing in Petit-Verger, Ravi Bheenuck, discovered the presence of asbestos in waterworks during CWA reparation sessions on the water distribution network of St-Pierre at Desveaux street back in May. Bheenuck had noticed that the old water pipes were made in fibrocement, and thus contained asbestos. He had then called the CWA to file a complaint and to ask for explanations. He claims that he was never called back.

Most defective water pipes have been replaced by new polyethylene ones, but some made of fibrocement are still out there. Bheenuck is hence worried for the health of his family who is provided with this water. He argues that the water they drink should be analysed to determine whether consumers are inadvertently taking in asbestos particles. says that the CWA, when questioned about this situation, said that they would send an inspector to the location to take samples for analysis.

It is to be noted that asbestos is dangerous when inhaled, even in small concentrations. They are, however, only harmful in water pipes when the latter are damaged, such that bits of asbestos might be liberated into the water.

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