Audit Report: Expenses & Wastage of Ministries Revealed

The audit report is out. The expenses of the different ministries have been divulged. The areas of great wastage have been highlighted and are listed below.


The 8 greatest expenses are as follows:-

Public sewage system

Putting a stop to the public sewage project works in Plaine-Wilhems would cost Rs 25 million.

The initial plan was supposed to be changed, which would have led the Wasterwater Management Authority spending Rs 3.9 billion instead of Rs 2.8 billion. The project was finally abandoned. The entrepreneur in charge of the project had then informed that he would claim damage amounting to Rs 25 million.

The audit report says that this could have been avoided if a better plan was made in the first place.

State E-Services

The E-Services provided by the government are not deemed to be as efficient when much has been invested: Rs 60 million for a new portal, and maintenance fees of Rs 30 million.

Software bought by Ministry of Technology

The Ministry of technology has spent Rs 34 million to make the acquisition of a software meant to increase the number of electronic addresses of the government. The audit team believed this to be a waste since only 2,000 accounts were created.

5-star prison of Melrose

The prison cost much more than expected. Rs 2.1 billion were invested following changes in the plan (instead of Rs 1.5 billion).

Rivière-des-Anguilles Dam

The construction of the dam will cost around Rs 4.5 billion instead of Rs 2.5 billion. The increase in investment is due to the delaying of the works.

Debts of the NDU

The National Development Unit has accumulated debts of Rs 1.1 billion after a number of urgent works had had to be done in several regions of the country.

Rs 15.7-million firemen lorry

A lorry was bought at Rs 15.7 million by firemen destined to go to Agalega in 2013. This never happened.

Pointe-aux-Sables centre for the elderly

The construction of the centre required Rs 197.6 million, instead of Rs 166,5 millions.

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