Biryani-Seller From Curepipe Complains Against Police Officers

A biryani-seller claims to be the victim of the whim and caprices of the police.

biryani deg

Bibi Mariam Camall-Saïb, a biryani-seller in Curepipe, believes she is being harassed by the police, and has thus sought the services of lawyer Ericson Mooneapillay.

She complains that her biryani degs to be put on sale were seized by police officers from Curepipe thrice. She finally had a formal notice issued to the State, the Police Commissioner and to Inspector Peroomal demanding compensation of Rs 200,000 from all of them.

L’ reports that her deg containing 40 servings of biryani was seized for the third time on August 25, 2015, from the bus stand of Curepipe. She also claims having been ill-treated to the point that she had to go to the hospital.

In an affidavit put together by her attorney Y.W. Manoj Appado, it is also said that policemen ordered hawkers and herself to remove their stalls – that was on August 2. She also adds that they were accused of selling drugs.

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