Courts Assets Officially Transferred To Mammouth Tomorrow (11.09.15)

All Courts assets will be officially transferred to Mammouth for Rs 250 million tomorrow, Friday, September 11. Employees who will find themselves jobless as from then will have Rs 12 million as compensation.


The final agreement for the transfer will be signed tomorrow.

The letters of dismissal will be handed over to the employees today. Only 600 of them will be transferred to Mammouth as from tomorrow; they were chosen based on their number of years of service.

Employees of Courts working as freelancers in call centres, on the other hand, feature neither on the list of dismissed employees nor on that of those transferred to Mammouth. The decision pertaining to them will depend on the strategy of sales to be adopted by Mammouth; if the hire-purchase system will not be preserved, the call centre operators will probably find themselves jobless.


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