DodoQuest Prison Break in Mauritius

prison break mauritius game

The Dodo Quest: part 1

When I became a prisoner of the Dodo Quest prison(1) for being at the wrong place at the wrong time*, I was bound, blindfolded, and “gently” roughed up to my cell, along with my scapegoats. I was thrown in. As I got up, I smelled it, I felt it. Those solid bars stank of every prisoner’s desperation to get out.



It was that cell. That one cell I could get out of. I knew this cell. I heard of it, they all talk of it. The only cell you could break out of.

And it was just my luck. I don’t know what happened or why, but the guards were away. They locked my brother in arms away outside and I knew. Us, together inside, with him outside, we could do it. We could be part of the fabled teams that could get away.

The ones locked before in our cell were kind hearted enough and intelligent enough to leave us clues as to how we could eventually crawl out. And we did. And I cannot say how we did, because others locked in also need to get out, and that secret is best not left for other’s ears.


With the story aside, the Dodo Quest prison was an amazing experience. Being put in jail, and figuring out how to get out, along with the magnificent work put into the quest, all the four of us together really bonded and worked together, because we all knew we had to get out because it was our goal.

The quest took our brains to good levels, where we simply knew we had to cooperate or fail; we knew we could get helpful hints from the lovely staff at any point, (which we didn’t), and it was amazing how we were able to put all our brains together to make our escape. We were so entangled in the story we were set in, that we forgot that we should not be talking so loudly, being mesmerised by the whole scenario and intricacies that made us all collaborate darting forth and back trying to get out.

Something completely unexpected happened, and it increased our frantic search for clues as to how to get out and hushed us into collaborative silence. We were darting forth and back, looking through every nook and cranny; every item, helping each other even to get enough height to see if clues were around, hidden away.

We heartily recommend doing the whole Dodoquest adventure; get friends. If not, it is also a magnificent way to bond with new people, as you collaborate around! But (I do hope that is ok….), do not forget to get those 4 nails.

We are still amazed at the team that got out in 23 minutes; to you, whoever you are, kudos.

Stay tuned for part 2: The Search for Gold.

Find further information for booking your Dodo Quest here.

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