Electricity Bills Reduced By 30 % For Low-Consumption Households

The electricity bills of low-consumption households will soon be reduced by 30 %. The Minister of Energy announced a number of changes to be implemented in this sector.


Minister of Energy & Public Utilities, Ivan Collendavelloo, has decided to lighten the burden of households consuming only little electricity.
Around 70,000 families who use up between 110 to 170 kilowatt-hours only will be privileged by the Central Electricity Board (CEB) in terms of their bills which will be decreased by 30 % in the near future. The decision announced yesterday was made following a proposal of deputy Osman Mahomed to review the tariffs imposed on needy people.

The minister added that the largest consumers of electricity such as commercial centres will have new and strict rules to abide by.

Ivan Collendavelloo also said that the CEB must be in competition with other suppliers of electricity in the country. Hence, he encouraged other firms from this sector to take to green energy; funds will be created to assist the companies establish themselves.

When the photovoltaic firm Sarako was mentioned, though, he argued that the price set by the company is too much (at Rs 6.06 per kilowatt-hour). L’Express.mu reports that the minister said: “There will be no Sarako for as long as I am minister.”

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