Fatal Road Accident At Forbach: Richard Duval Interrogated

Ex-deputy Richard Duval gave his testimony today concerning the road accident that occurred on Saturday morning at Forbach. L’Express.mu reports that he said in a statement having a clear conscience and that he would tell the investigators what really happened.

Richard Duval

Richard Duval.

The road accident that took place at Forbach last Saturday led to the tragic deaths of Arvind and Manisha Shamloll. The vehicle of Richard Duval was later found in a sugarcane field near the place of the accident; the police suspects the vehicle might have been involved, though Duval denies the implications.

Richard Duval was accompanied by his lawyers when he arrived at the headquarters of the CCID today at around noon. He claims that his car was only at Forbach because his driver – who was arrested yesterday – had lost the keys.

The ex-deputy affirms being victim of political plot.

The investigators might appeal to have the permission to go through the communications of Richard Duval to determine whether he was near the place of accident, or if he called anyone some time after the serious incident.

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