Forbach Fatal Accident: 2 Other Black Vehicles Suspected of Racing On Motorway Seized

The investigation concerning the hit-and-run case at Forbach that led to the deaths of Arvind and Manisha Shamloll has brought forth new elements to be considered. Ex-deputy Richard Duval still denies any involvement while his driver denies driving the car. Furthermore, the black Kia of Duval, and 2 other black cars suspected of having engaged in a race on the motorway, have been seized by the CCID of Piton today, September 21.

Accident at Soreze

It is believed that the couple who were travelling by motorcycle were left to die on the motorway by drivers of 2 black cars who might have been racing on the road.

The black vehicle of Richard Duval was found in the vicinity of the place of accident. The latter still denies any involvement in the hit-and-run case. On the other hand, he stated that his driver, Mahamud Khan Jamalkhan, who was arrested yesterday, was driving the car. However, reports that in his testimony to the investigators, Jamalkhan said that he was not driving the Kia, though he was asked to shoulder the responsibility. He appeared in the court of Mapou today. A provisional charge of “conspiracy to hinder police enquiry” was held against him.

The other two black cars that were seized today are said to have been used for an illegal race on Saturday morning. A suspect has already been identified: the son of a night club owner has been summoned by the police today. The vehicles are to be examined by the police and members of the FSL to determine if they were really involved in the accident.

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