Forbach Fatal Accident: Matthieu Coret Arrested

The investigation of the hit-and-run case at Forbach is still ongoing. Recently, a suspect was arrested and two black cars seized, though the police has yet to find the owner of the second car.

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The police had initially analysed the images captured by road cameras before they were led to the suspect and the two vehicles which were later found at the place of the Coret family at Fond-du-Sac. One of the suspects, Matthieu Coret, was arrested last night after being interrogated by the CCID.

Matthieu Coret is the son of the owner of the strip-club Le Rocher at Grand-Baie. A provisional charge of involuntary homicide has been held against him. He spent the night at Alcatraz.

The other suspect is the DJ of the strip-club, who is named Barlen Mardaymootoo, and is more commonly known as Given. The police has been unable to locate him. Could it be that he left the country? To ensure that this did not happen, the police verified the list of departures at the airport yesterday. According to what is reported, he might be hiding in the south of the island.

One of the cars seized, a Mercedes, belongs to the Coret family, while the second one, a Honda, belongs to DJ Given. Why was the Honda at Fond-du-Sac when Given lives at Cap-Malheureux? Both cars had visible scratches on them: were they both really involved in the accident? The police suspects they might have been racing with each other.

The authorities intend to dispel the mystery around this case. Officers of the Forensic Science Lab, the Field Intelligence Unit, the Criminal Investigation Division of Grand-Baie, the CCID, the Special Supporting Unit as well as Scene of Crime Officers are working in cooperation to find out what really happened.

As for Richard Duval who was initially suspected of being involved, he was finally liberated. But, he might be interrogated again in the near future. His driver, Mamood Khan Jamalkhan, who was arrested earlier, might also be liberated today since the focus of the investigators is now on suspects Coret and Given.

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