Forbach Road Accident: Barlen Mardaymootoo (DJ Given) Kept in Detention

The second of the two suspects arrested in the aftermath of the Forbach hit-and-run case, Barlen Mardaymootoo, has appeared in the court of Mapou today, September 23. A provisional charge of “causing death by dangerous driving” is held against him. He was not liberated.

Barlen Mardaymootoo
Barlen Mardaymootoo. Photo credits: L’

The interrogation of Barlen Mardaymootoo has continued today after he appeared in court. He is also known as DJ Given as he works in the strip-club Le Rocher at Grand-Baie. He gave himself up to the police yesterday. He had then narrated his version of the events that led to the fatal accident.

After closing the strip-club early on Saturday, Mathieu Coret (the other suspect arrested) and DJ Given drove to the motorway, each in his own vehicle. Given narrates that there was a car and a motorcycle driving in front of his vehicle. He had attempted to overtake the car when the motorcycle that was just in front suddenly left the left lane to go to the right one. That was when his car brushed against the motorcycle. Then, according to his narration, he saw Mathieu Coret’s vehicle hit the victims.

The CCID investigators believe the two young men were racing with each other – such is what is apparent from the security cameras. However, they are waiting for the conclusions of the officers of the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) who have examined both the Mercedes belonging to Coret and the Honda of Given. The FSL is to determine whether the two vehicles have traces of impact and if the engines and exhaust pipes were modified.

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