Forbach Road Accident: Suspect DJ Given Goes To The CCID

DJ Given went to the CCID headquarters today to give his version of the events relating to the road accident at Forbach to the officers.

Accident at Soreze

The second suspect thought to be involved in the fatal accident that took place at Forbach last week, Barlen Mardaymootoo, more commonly known as DJ Given, has gone to the CCID headquarters today, September 21. In a statement reported by l’, he said that he would provide explanations to the investigators.

The road accident at Forbach caused the deaths of Arvind and Manisha Shamloll who are believed to have been the victims of a hit-and-run case. Two suspects were identified by the police, Matthieu Coret and DJ Given. The former was arrested yesterday while the investigators were still looking for Given. The search for the latter is now over.

Find more about the investigation here.

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