Giant 3D Printer That Can “Print” A House Is Here

A giant 3D printer called BigDelta has recently been brought under the spotlight by the World’s Advanced Saving Project (WASP). It is said that BigDelta is so enormous that it can “print” a house.

The 12-metre high printer, called BigDelta. Photo credits: WASP.

BigDelta works like the usual printers by conferring on a material a pre-determined structure. What makes it an astounding invention, though, is its size: it makes 12 metres in height, and is said to be the biggest in the world.

The team that has put BigDelta together is WASP, a company specialising in 3D printing. The people behind WASP describe themselves as being “dreamers” & “makers” who “start from 3D printing to save the world”. They presented their project at the “Reality of Dream” rally in Italy last week-end.

According to them, their technology will help cater for the demands for housing. Furthermore, they believe it might be most useful in disaster or war zones. They also promote their invention as consisting of natural materials, thereby reducing use of cement.

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