Groupe Réfugiés Chagos Participates In Demonstration At Port-Louis

Members of the organisation Groupe Réfugiés Chagos (GRC) participated in a peaceful demonstration at Port-Louis, in front of the British embassy, today, September 28. They demand the right to go back to the Chagos.

chagosDemonstration at Port-Louis today. Photo credits: L’

The president of the GRC, Olivier Bancoult, says in a statement to L’ that they “will fight for their rights”.

The participants held placards that read lines such as “our right to live on our homeland, it’s our birth right”, or even “le gouvernement britannique accueille des réfugiés mais ignore les droits fondamentaux des Chagossiens”.

Bancoult argues that a solution has to be reached. He says not accepting the fact that other people have the right to live in the Chagos while those born there do not.

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