Hawkers of Beau-Bassin/ Rose-Hill Asked To Remove Their Stalls

Hawkers at Rose-Hill have had an unpleasant surprise yesterday, September 2: as per the requests of the town council of Beau-Bassin/ Rose-Hill, the police organised a “crack-down” operation on the streets.

hawkers; police

Hawkers at Rose-Hill approached by the police. Photo credits: l’Express.mu

In an attempt to avoid being sued for “contempt of court”, the town council asked for disciplining the streets of Rose-Hill. The police had one mission: make sure to keep hawkers away from the roads. The Supreme Court had issued a ruling back in 2012 stipulating that hawkers had no right to work on the roads of Beau-Bassin and Rose-Hill. The mayor, Ken Fat Fong Suk Koon, explained that they “should abide by the law”. Therefore, to avoid being prosecuted for not adhering to the ruling, the mayor made the said decision.


The “crack-down” operation was on since Tuesday, September 1. Yesterday, the police officers involved had had to deal with hawkers who did not want to be driven away.

On the other hand, as indicated by the mayor, the sellers will be relocated to other sites in fairs and the market.

However, the sellers themselves refuse to move from their usual places while hawkers in other towns are still operating.

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