Iframac Employees Transferred To IMC, Leal, Axess & Mecom

After long weeks of waiting, a solution has finally been spelled out for Iframac employees.


As announced on Sunday, most of the employees of Iframac will be recruited by IMC (106 of them) and Leal (99 of them). 7 of them will be transferred to Axess and 5 to Mecom. The employees were informed of the final decision yesterday, September 20.

The agreement stipulates that the contracts signed between the employees and their new employers will be similar to those of Iframac.

Furthermore, a no lay-off (for two years) clause has been included. Union activist Ashok Subron explained that they obtained this clause with great difficulty and that their aim was for the workers not to find themselves unemployed after a certain period of time.

For now, the employees will go through an adaptation phase that will last for 6 months. If they do not adapt to the firm they have been transferred to, they will have the choice of opting for a package that consists of a compensation of 15 days of salary per year of service.

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