Location of The 25 Operational Speed Cameras

It has been a week since 25 Speed Cameras were reactivated. They have already captured a number of individuals speeding on the roads of Mauritius.

speed cameras location

The functional Speed Cameras are found at Pailles (on the motorway), Roches-Bois, Soreze, Coromandel, Petite-Rivière, Grande-Rivière-Nord-Ouest, Piton, Triolet, New-Grove, Plaine-Magnien, La Flora, and at Phoenix.

For the first three days that the cameras were functional, around 1,470 drivers were caught for speeding.

The Traffic Branch says that the highest numbers of speeding drivers were recorded at the “black spots”, that is, the places where accidents occur the most, namely at Cascavelle, Bambous, Pailles, Triolet, and Nalletamby.

The rest of the Speed Cameras will be made operational in the near future.

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