Marijuana & Heroin Worth Rs 26 Million Found By ADSU

In the aftermath of several search operations all across the island, the Anti-Drug & Smuggling Unit (ADSU) seized Rs-26-million-worth marijuana and heroin.

drug; heroin

The ADSU spotted 2,273 marijuana plants worth Rs 7 million in a house at St-François, near Calodyne. The cultivator is a skipper named Vishakam Cunnee who was already on the suspect list of the ADSU. They had been looking out for him for two weeks, specially that he had made the purchase of a Rs-2-million speedboat recently. The plants found were between 5 and 80 centimetres in length. Furthermore, Rs 20,000 as well as marijuana itself, together with an electronic balance were discovered.

The mobile phone of the man was also seized with the aim of locating his clients.

Moreover, the ADSU team of Rose-Hill spotted two German men who were also cultivating marijuana. They were doing so in a house situated at Hugnin street, Beau-Bassin.

Another ADSU operation at the airport led to the discovery of Rs-16.5-million-worth heroin coming from South Africa. Suspects were then arrested: Lutchman Jagun, and his partner, Reshma Bhuruth.

Another package of 3.9 kilograms of marijuana was seized at the port. It came by ship from India.

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