Mauritius & China To Reinforce Bilateral Relations

The Chinese ambassador, Li Li, who was in Mauritius yesterday for the celebration of the 66th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China at Heen Foh Hall at Port-Louis, mentioned that the two countries have grown closer through both the increased number of flights connecting them and the cultural exchanges.

china ambassadorXavier Duval, acting PM, and Chinese ambassador Li Li.

Ambassador Li Li affirmed that Mauritius and China must now develop new avenues of cooperation that would involve tourism and the financial sector. It is to be noted that Mauritius had 62,000 Chinese tourists visit the island since January to August. Furthermore, a new step has been taken towards this direction: the visa for Chinese tourists has been abolished.

L’ reports that the acting Prime Minister, Xavier Luc Duval, added that the relations between the two countries must be reinforced further. He also highlighted the financial help Mauritius has received from Chine since 1972.

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