Minister Bhadain Accedes To Courts Ex-Employees’ Demand For Increase in Compensation

A solution has finally been concocted for ex-employees of Courts who were asking for a review of the compensation that was initially proposed to them. They had gathered at Ebene today demanding for a change.

Ex-Courts employees, union activists, and police officers, in front of Sicom Tower at Ebene, today. Photo credits: L’

After Iframac employees were provided with a solution only recently, it is now the turn of those of Courts. The latter deemed the compensation (as per 15 days per year of service) initially put forward to be insufficient. Now, according to Reaz Chuttoo from the “Confédération des travailleurs du secteur privé” (CTSP), the authorities promise they will have more than 15 days per year of service.

The Minister of Good Governance, Roshi Bhadain, met with the ex-employees and their union representatives, at the Sicom Tower at Ebene today, September 23. The employees were demanding for an agreement to be reached. Policemen as well as officers of the Special Supporting Unit were despatched on the spot. The minister finally agreed to their requests.

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