New Study: Mauritian Teenagers Plagued By Suicide, Violence, Drugs, Tobacco, Internet Harassment

A study conducted by the Mauritius Research Council (MRC) reveals that 13 % of the teenagers surveyed claim having thought of committing suicide at some point in their life.


The results of the new study were presented yesterday, September 10, for the World Suicide Prevention Day. While 13 % of the 131 students taking part in the survey say they have considered suicide, 4 of them affirm having tried putting an end to their life once.

Furthermore, the number of girls is twice that of boys of those who have thought of suicide in the past.

15 % of the participants say they considered hurting themselves (55 % of the boys and 45 % of the girls said so).

20 % of them admit to have consumed alcohol, while 17.1 % of them smoke. 4.6 % are into drugs.

The list of ills affecting teenagers seems to be endless. 29 % of them assert being victims of physical violence, 48.9 % of verbal violence. 19 % mention Internet harassment.

6 on 131 students claim having been sexual abuse victims.

The study might soon be conducted on a national basis to evaluate the conclusions.

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