New System To Monitor Speeding On The Roads of Mauritius

Now that 25 Speed Cameras are operational on our roads, drivers are more cautious. However, on the downside, they only seem to slow down in the vicinity of the radars and revert to speeding once they are past the cameras. The authorities are currently working on ways to counter this little trick.

speed camera

The Minister of Public Infrastructure, Nando Bodha, announced in Parliament yesterday, September 15, that he is studying the possibility of recalibrating the radars as per the South-African model in order to prevent drivers from speeding when they are beyond the speed cameras.

The existing radars are already based on a South-African software. Therefore, the application of the measure would be relatively easy.

The new method would control the speed at which the driver is travelling on a particular road track instead of only controlling it by a single speed camera. As such, the speed between two cameras will be taken into consideration. This implies that if the driver covers a certain distance in less than the average time it takes to do so (given the maximum speed that is allowed), he will be fined.

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