Peter Wayne Roberts Prosecuted By The DPP

South-African Peter Wayne Roberts will be sued by the DPP under a murder charge. The decision was made known in Supreme Court on August 31.


Peter Wayne Roberts

Peter Wayne Roberts was accused of having murdered his girlfriend, Lee-Ann Palmarozza, when the couple had travelled to Mauritius. The woman was found dead in a swimming pool in a 5-star hotel in the East of the island on December 30 last year.

An autopsy performed on the victim by Dr Sudesh Kumar Gungadin showed signs of ecchymosis which led the police to suspect foul play.


  • He is innocent – .Have they checked for missing jewelry and other items! People that work and stay on the island, know he is wealthy!
    What a Sad story for Lee-Anne & Peter. I hope they find the real suspect.

  • [email protected] says:

    Mauritian justice system has not failed us yet…..Thank you Lord! !!!

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