Providing White Space Broadband in Mauritius For Wireless Internet Access

The government has decided to extend the WiFi network of the country using the transmission relays of the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation (MBC). The technology called White Space Broadband might be the next thing in Mauritius.


Experts from Singapore are expected to arrive in three weeks to determine whether the technology known as White Space Broadband is possible to set up in Mauritius. Minister Roshi Bhadain already has had workshops organised with them when he was in Singapore.

The White Space Broadband refers to frequencies that are available to broadcasting services but which remain unused in the wireless spectrum, and can be used to deliver broadband Internet; furthermore, it can travel several kilometres, thereby exceeding the limits of WiFi as we know it. A base station will be set up to democratise this type of Internet access, if it is deemed possible.

On top of having the MBC assist in the project, the Central Electricity Board might also have to enlist its participation.

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