Racial Hatred Incitement: Facebook Culprits Arrested

Fake Facebook profiles were created to be used for incitement to racial hatred, according to the Ministry of Technology, Communication and Innovation. A communiqué was released yesterday night, September 7, to inform the population of the developments.


The ministry wished to warn Facebook users against any message that could be posted to incite hatred among Mauritians.

Find below the communiqué:-

The Ministry of Technology, Communication and Innovation wishes to draw the attention of the public as follows:

1. It has been noted that profiles are being created and used on Facebook with intent to cause racial hatred.
2. Comments and actions of users in relation to the above are being tracked by the relevant authorities.
3. Facebook users are informed that messages of blasphemous character, or any other messages, which may lead to racial hatred will be dealt accordingly to laws of the Republic of Mauritius.
4. The public is hereby informed that criminal prosecutions are provided for those in breach of :

(i) ICTA Act 2001

* Where provision is made for a period of imprisonment not exceeding 5 years and to a fine not exceeding MUR 1 Million.

(ii) Computer Misuse and Cyber Crime Act 2003

* Where provision is made for a penal servitude not exceeding 20 years and to a fine not exceeding MUR 200, 000

The matter has been referred to the Cyber Crime Unit, Central Criminal Investigation Department, for immediate action.

The CCID arrested a Facebook user suspected of having posted comments of this nature yesterday afternoon.

The Commissioner of Police (CP), Mario Nobin, said in a statement to Radio Plus that the CCID is working together with the CyberCrime Unit to locate those publishing hateful comments on Facebook.

Furthermore, the SMF and the SSU have also been mobilised to control the situation.

Officers will be deployed by day as well as by night to ensure law and order are maintained. The police helicopter will be used for night visits as from the September 7.

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