Road Traffic: Sanctions For Colourful & Blinding Headlights

The authorities are now on the look-out for blue car-headlights known to blind other drivers. Those having set up colourful lights on their vehicles will also be taken into consideration. Following the release of a report from the Traffic Management and Road Safety Unit, it has been decided that drivers found with these gadgets on the roads will be fined.


The police will now issue fines of up to Rs 10,000 to drivers using colourful headlights, or any other blinding lighting on their vehicles.

Another category that falls under this sanction includes those with red lights on cars like the famous K-2000 vehicles.

The police is also tracking vehicles with completely tinted windows.

The participation of the National Transport Authority has been enlisted to ensure the rules are followed; the NTA will, for instance, not issue fitness certificates for such vehicles. Moreover, the Mauritius Standards Bureau is currently working on a set of criteria to prohibit the import of such lights.

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