SC & HSC Exams: New Regulations Imposed By CIE

The practical exams for SC and HSC have started yesterday, September 22. The authorities now have new regulations that are to be adhered to.

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Cambridge International Examinations, the body responsible for the SC and HSC exams, has put forth new conditions for the candidates.

The invigilators have received the updated instructions to ascertain that candidates do not have any Android watch when entering the examination rooms. They had initially had a workshop with officers of the Mauritius Examinations Syndicate (MES) regarding the rules.

Furthermore, sanctions will be taken against anyone found to be in possession of a mobile phone, or written notes of paper, inside the exam rooms.

Another requirement for the candidates is to only have transparent pencil cases.

Those candidates going to the toilet will be accompanied till the door of the washroom, and the number of times they do go there, as well as the duration, will be duly noted.

Also, since 2014, the MES ensures that a space of 2 meters is kept between any two candidates. Last year, 76 cheating cases were reported at the SC level, and 48 for HSC. 10,000 invigilators have been trained for this year to avoid any such problem.

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