Speed Cameras Operational As From September 5 & September 20

Several Speed Cameras will be activated tomorrow, September 5, while the rest will only be operational as from September 20.

speed camera

Speed Cameras are back in business. However, not all of them will be operational at the same time. To start off, around 25 of them will be reactivated as from midnight on Saturday, September 5. The others will be activated on Sunday, September 20.

Tests were performed from August 13 to August 17 to ascertain that the system was fully functional. During that week, the cameras would flash drivers exceeding speed limits, but the latter would not be fined.

Now that they will soon be operational, certain measures have been taken to warn drivers of their presence. For instance, signs have been painted on the asphalt to inform drivers. Furthermore, some of the cameras have been painted yellow to make them more conspicuous.

Also, several Speed Cameras have been relocated. The radar situated at Sayed Hossen Road, Phoenix, has been shifted to Naletamby Road in the direction of the Gymkhana Club. The one at Midlands is now at R. Le Moirt Road, Mare-d’Albert. The one at Terre-Rouge is now at Mamzel Laure towards the central Flacq Road. That at Candos is currently facing Bonne-Terre.

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