Stampede in Saudi Arabia: Sam Lauthan Reassures Mauritian Families

Sam Lauthan, the responsible party for the Hadj Mission, has tried to reassure Mauritian families whose close ones have gone to Saudi Arabia for the pilgrimage after around 700 lost their lives in a stampede.


The stampede that led to the deaths of over 700 people occurred on Thursday, September 24, when most of the Muslim world was celebrating the festival Eid. In the aftermath of the event, it was found out that 9 Mauritians were reported missing.

Sam Lauthan attempted to reassure the families, saying that the missing people were, perhaps, injured and thus could not take the phone calls.

Also, 3 Mauritians are confirmed to have been wounded in the stampede. They received medical attention and returned to their hotel, according to Lauthan.

Furthermore, L’ reports that an emergency committee has been set up by vice-PM Showkutally Soodhun.

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