Statistics Mauritius: Unemployment Rate At 7.8 %

Statistics Mauritius has new figures for the rate of unemployment in the country: for the second trimester of this year, it is at 7.8 %. It predicts a rate of 8 % for 2015 compared to 7.8 % last year. Also, among the 46,000 registered unemployed people, 19,700 are under 25 years of age.


Recruiters often ask for experience from potential employees – an asset that is obviously lacked by those who have recently graduated. As such, 12,400 of the unemployed people in Mauritius are still searching for their first job. 14,500 of them are on the look-out for more than a year, or more.

The actual situation might be much worse. Union activist Reeaz Chuttoo says in a statement to that a certain proportion of the data of Statistics Mauritius are underestimates because many young people are not registered. He suggests that the retirement age is brought down to 60 to free more posts for young people; 80,000 jobs would thus be available to the youth, according to him.

The report also reveals that 4,000 of the unemployed do not have a Certificate of Primary Education (CPE), and 15 500 have not gone past the level of School Certificate (SC).

To make matters worse, 5,500 of them are the head of the family while 6,500 are from families where noone has a job.

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