Teenagers Fight Over A Fruit Salad & A Girl Lands In The Hospital

An 11-year-old girl has been admitted in the Flacq hospital since last Friday after she was hit by 3 other students during lunch time on the premises of their school. It is reported that the reason of the clash was that the girl refused to share her fruit salad.

fruit salad

L’Express.mu reports that the mother of the victim claims her daughter was eating her fruit salad when her classmates (two boys and a girl) asked for her to share – a request she refused to accept. Displeased by her response, the classmates assaulted her. One of them even allegedly got hold of a table and hauled it at her.

What of the versions of the accused teenagers? When they were interrogated at the request of the rector of their college, they allegedly denied the statements of the mother.

The school is now waiting for a report from the police to decide what is to be done.

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